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General Information: MAP 

    This district lies in the following river basins as below

S.No. Name of the Basin % of area covered
1 Krishna 58.60%
2 Pennar 41.40%

    The major amount of rainfall is during the South-West monsoon and / or North-East monsoon and the normal rainfall is 670 mm. The statistical data of the district Kurnool is as follows

1. Geographical Area 17658 Sq.Km
2. Population (2001) 35,29,494
3. Culturable Area 22.85 L.Acres
4. Forest Area 3.18 L.Ha.
5. Barren & Un Cultivable Area (2001) 0.99 L.Ha.
6. Land put to Non-Agricultural purpose (2001) 0.99 L.Ha.
7. Sown Area (2001) 8.18 L.Ha.
8. Irrigated Area (2001) 1.66 L.Ha.
9. Normal Rainfall (2003) 689.10 mm

    Following are the details of Irrigation Projects benefiting the district


    A. Major Projects:

Sl.No Name of the Project Ayacut Created Ayacut Utilised

in Acres in Acres
1. KC Canal 1,73,268 1,73,268
2. TBP LLC 1,51,134 1,51,134
3. Rajolibanda Diversion Scheme 1,312 1,312

Total 3,25,714 3,25,714

    B. Medium Irrigation Projects:

Sl.No Name of the Project Ayacut Created Ayacut Utilised

in Acres in Acres
1. Zurreru 1,514 1,514
2. Sanjeevaiah Sagar (GDP) 25,476 17,400
3. Varada Raja Swamy Gudi (VRSP) 10,298 10,298

Total 37,292 29,212

    C. Minor Irrigation Projects:

    4163 Schemes are existing benefiting an ayacut of 66,064 acres.


    A. Major Projects

    1. Telugu Ganga Project:

    The Velugode reservoir,a part of T.G. project is under construction, across the river Galeru near Velugode Village, Velugode Mandal to create a total IP of 131500 Acres in the districts of Kurnool (114500 Acres), Kadapa(17000 Acres). The estimated cost of the project in this circle including canals is Rs.827.49Crores and an amount of Rs 480.48 crores is spent and created an ayauct of 48000 Acres (03/2003).

    The inflows in to Velugode Reservoir 44.79 TMC comprises of 43.995 TMC of Krishna water and 0.802 TMC yield from the self catchment ofGaleri river on which the reservoir is constructed. 43.95 TMC of Krishna flows comprises of 15 TMC of waters intended to Chennai city drinking water supply and the balance 28.995 TMC flood flows of River Krishna for irrigating an extent of 2.75 lakh acres in Kundu and Sagileru basins.The quantity of 15.128 TMC of flood flows of river Krishna are proposed to be diverted to SPVBR for irrigation in Sagileru basin.

    2. Srisailam Right Branch Canal (SRBC):

    The SRBC Project is under construction across the Krishna River. The Project utilizes 19.00 TMC of the available water and the reservoir storage capacity is 308 TMC(Gross) and __________ TMC(Net).

     The off-take of Project is located near the Pothireddypadu village, Pamulapadu mandal, Kurnool District and is envisaged to irrigate a total ayacut of 1,90,000 acres in the Districts of (1) Kurnool (1,67,300 Acres) (2) Kadapa (22,700 Acres), in the 10 mandals.

    The estimated cost of the project is Rupees 1186 Crores (SSR of 1993-94 year) and the revised cost is Rs.1979 Crores( SSR of 2000-01 year tentative).

    As on 1/04 month of 2004 year total amount of Rs.1192 Crores has been spent since inception and an IP of nil acres has been created. The Project is programmed to be completed by end of 2007 year.

     The total land to be acquired is 19,636 acres and so far 16456 acres is already acquired and the balance is programmed to be acquired by2005-06 year.

     An amount of Rs.139.18 crores is provided for the year 2003-04 to provide irrigation to 1,60,000 acres and an amount of Rs.69.52 crores is spent as on 31.01.2004 and IP created/Ayacut stabilized is Nil acres.

    3.KCC Modernisation Project:

    The Kurnool Cuddapah Canal (K.C. Canal) was originally constructed by a Dutch Company during the year 1863 and 1870 as an irrigation and navigation canal. Subsequently the canal was sold to the British India during the year 1882. Navigation system was abondened during the year 1933 and the canal continued tobe a major irrigation source. The canal was left without any repairs till 1955.

    During the year 1955, the Government of Andhra Pradesh taken up renovation work of the canal from Km.0.000 to KM.120.000. Since then no major repairs have been taken up. Now to improve the efficiency of the system modernization of the entire canal and to repairs/reconstruct the structures is taken up by dividing the canal into various reaches with the joint participation of Government of

    Andhra Pradesh and J.B.I.C. (Japan Bank for International Cooperation).

     The project is under construction, with a an aim to stabilise entire ayacut KC Canal and to develop the gap ayacut of 60,000 acres .About Rs 600 crores is spent so for.

     4. T.B.P.HLC STAGE II:

    This scheme is the extension offstage I and contemplated to provide irrigation facility to221443 acres (Kurnool 11730acres).The estimated cost of the project is Rs.467.26 and an amount of RS 240 Crores is spent creating an IP of 116928(in Kurnool 11730). With NABARD assistance of Rs.45.8crores ,the works are in progress.

    B. Medium Irrigation Projects:Nil

    C. Minor Irrigation Projects :

    2 Schemes are under execution to benefit an ayacut of 1,495 acres in the following Mandals.

Sl.No Mandals No of Ayacut Estimated Programme

Schemes Contemplated Cost for
I I.B. Division, Nirmal

1. Peapuly 1 600 Acres 214 Lakh 6/2004
2. Yemmiganur 1 740 Acres 177.86 Lakh 6/2004


    A. Major Projects:

    1.G.N.S.S. Project:

     G.N.S.S. Project is intended to provide irrigation facilities to an extent of 3.25 Lakh acres(Rabi ID) in the districts of Cuddapah, Chittoor and Nellore besides providing drinking water facilities to villages / towns enroute the canal alignment.

     The scheme envisages drawl of 38 TMC surplus floodwaters of river Krishna from the foreshore of Srisailam Reservoir through S.R.B.C system upto Gorakallu Reservoir and thereafter through an independent flood flow canal to feed 9 Nos of storage reservoirs enroute and utilise the tored water for irrigation during Rabi season.

     Government in G.O.Ms. No. 202, Dt. 31-10-97 and G.O.Ms. No. 223, Dt: 4-12-97 have ordered to take up the construction of Gandikota Reservoir and its canal system immediately.

     Accordingly the work of construction of Head Regulator at Km 0.000 of G.N. Main Canal Below Gandikota Reservoir costing Rs. 325 Lakh is grounded. The foundation excavation work is completed and further work is in progress.

     The work of preparation of EIA, EMP, CAT and R&R action plan of GNSS entrusted to M/s Agricultural Finance Corporation, Hyderabad is completed and draft reports are under preparation.

    Detailed investigation of GNSS Main Canal below Gandikota Reservoir upto 18 Km completed and earthwork excavation estimates upto 12 Km are prepared. Land acquisition in the reach is pending with the Special Collector, Land Acquisition Unit, Telugu Ganga Project, Nellore. After finalisation of the land acquisition process tenders for excavation of the canal will be called for. The detailed investigation of Sri Balaji Reservoir to supply drinking water to Tirupathi town has been completed and administrative approval for formation of Sri Balaji Reservoir is sought for from the Government. The detailed investigation of G.N. Flood flow canal from Gorakallu to Owk Reservoir upto 35.50 KM is completed.

     The estimated cost of the project is about Rs. 3310 Crores as per the SSR of 1999-2000. The updated cost as per SSR 2001-02 is Rs. 3635.00 Crores. The project is under the control of Chief Engineer, Tungabhadra Project, Cuddapah.

    2.Guru Raghavendra L.I Scheme:

This Scheme envisages pumping of 504 TMC of Tunga bhadra waters at four places 1.Sugoor 2.pulichintha 3.Krishnadoddi4.Mugaladoddi, to irrigate40000 acres in Rabi and 10000 acres in Kharif

    3. Veligonda Project :

The project is proposed to construct across the river Krishna at Rajiv Tiger reserved Forest Village, Atmakur Mandal of Prakasam District at an estimated cost of Rs.979 Crores to create an IP of 438000Acres in the districts of Prakasam ( 336100 Acres), Nellore ( 16500 Acres) and Kurnool ( 25400 acres). The detailed Investigation of the Project is completed / in progress and programmed to be completed by _____month,___ year. The required clearances and Land Acquisition are expected to be completed by _______year.

    B.Medium Irrigation Projects:NIL

    C. Minor Irrigation Projects:

3 Schemes are contemplated for benefiting an ayacut of 1891 acres.

Sl.No MANDAL No.of Schemes Ayacut Contemplated Estimate cost in Crores Programme for Completion
1 Gudur 1 618 Acres 177 Lakh 6/2005
2 Krishnagiri 1 618 Acres 140 Lakh 6/2005
3 Kouthalam 1 655 Acres 110 Lakh 6/2005


183 Works Rs 28.51



Rs 19.708 Crore

14 Works Rs 2.92 Crore


     60 No of schemes, costing Rs.201.28 Lakhs are proposed to be taken up under SCP to benefit an ayacut of 806 acres.


Sl.No Project Source of Funding BE Expenditure
1 Srisailam Dam World Bank
Rs 24.191 Crore
2 SRBC World Bank
Rs 119.77
Rs 58.33
4 TGP State
Rs 19.37 Crore

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